Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's dangerous out there...ABW's are on the rise...

ABW's? Your question may be "What is an ABW?" ABW = Angry Black Women. Recently, there have been debates on the temperament of black women. To let the media tell it, we are some of the angriest women on the plant. And fools believe the lie! People are walking around thinking that all black women are loud and angry and extremely sensitive about everything. Tiger Woods cheats on his wife. Well, black women are in a tizzy because none of the women in his stable were black. What?! Get out of here with that! Ninety-percent of black women could not care less about Tiger or his hussies. Reggie Bush is on the cover of Essence's "Black Love" issue. And what? The man is fine (to me, at least). Yeah, it sucks that he enjoys the company of a Kardashian, but heck, I'm not in the running for his affections, so do I care? Nope. I can look at the cover, enjoy the eye candy, and keep it moving.

That said, let me take a moment to bring up a thought that came to mind a little while ago (what prompted me to post anything about this topic). Let's say I was angry about any of this. Why would that be so wrong? Why is my anger such a bad thing? Many women voice their anger about everything from A to Z, but if a black woman does it then it's some kind of strike against her. You know, three white women got angry and glued a man's penis to his stomach, Tiger's wife came at him with a golf club and there are countless other stories of non-black women snapping in anger, but I've heard no media coverage or real discussion of the rise of angry white women. So why is anger in a black woman demonized as if it's a sin? Every being on earth has this emotion, so what's the big deal about it?

Could someone please shine some light on this for me? Am I missing something?

Friday, January 1, 2010


I truly feel like 2010 will be an amazing year!
That said, I wish you and yours a awesome and blessed new year!
Much love,
beautifulcurare =^D