Saturday, April 25, 2009

The most fun I've had in awhile!!!!

Okay's been a minute, school is still sucking up all my time, but Thursday, April 23, 2009, I made time to have a great evening. I went to St. Louis for the Robin Thicke/Jennifer Hudson concert...all I can say is WOW!!!! Well, actually, for the purpose of this blog post, I have more than that to say : ) So, we (my mom, her friends, and I) get to the Fabulous Fox theater, a place I find to be gorgeous...I love the architecture and the ambiance. I saw many funny things before the show began...outrageous outfits and bold hairstyles. One woman was rocking her "Ruff 'n Stuff" afro puffs, lol...A woman behind me got upset at Afro Puffs for standing up; when she sat down the woman yelled "Thanks for finally sitting down Mickey Mouse!" Those things were serious! I thought they were cute : ) People can be so fascinating, lol...

Anyway, I get to my seat, Orchestra VIP section 2 and was blessed with a great view! There was a guy, I guess a hype man, who was the funniest little round man. This guy was so into getting the crowd enthused...I didn't need to be anymore hyped up than I was, I vibrating for the simply fact that I was about to see Robin Thicke perform : ) A few minutes after the hype man left the stage, the lights went off and in the theater and a stage light came on behind a white screen. Of course, there were cheers because the show was starting. The band was playing what I think was Curtis Mayfield and someone announced Robin, who I could see walking up to the mic behind the screen. At this point I'm slowly unravelling, lol. From that point forward, Robin was the ish!!! OMG!!! From "Magic" to "Dreamworld" to "Wanna Love You Girl" to "Teach You..." to "Lost Without You", the performance was SPECTACULAR!!!

Can you tell I'm a fan, lol *wink* I'm glad that I wasn't sitting with my mom when he started working his hips...definitely blush-worthy! The man is quite, um, sensual : )When he started to sing Jodeci's "Come and Talk to Me" I promptly lost my mind, lol...that is one of my favorite Jodeci songs and Robin did it justice. For me, the night, my reason for being there, was Robin...but...

Jennifer definitely did her thang! There was this funny moment when Jennifer was about to some onto the stage to perform. The lights went off, and you could hear Jennifer begin to sing "One Night Only", everyone suddenly stood up and looked toward the back of the theater, away from the stage. I stood up too, I thought that maybe she was walking down the aisle, singing, even though I could hear her behind the screen on the stage. I still don't know why folks started looking toward the back. When she finally came out on the stage, people lost their minds, screaming and cheering; it was electric. Jennifer looked great! Sang beautifully, of course. I watched her perform and thought to myself, "American Idol? Whatever, they got it wrong that year!" She sang songs from Dreamgirls and her Cd, she also sang a song from The Secret Life of Bees. Then she thanked everyone for coming out and said good night. The stage lights dimmed and some people got up and started to leave, but those of us with sense stayed seated, because she hadn't even sang "And I'm Telling You"...sure enough we could hear her start to sing, lol...folks came running back and girlfriend brought it home : )

Suffice it to say, I loved every moment of the concert and wish I could go tomorrow's Chicago concert! But, I plan on seeing Robin perform at the Essence Festival in July (Oh Yeah!)

I'm still feeling good from it all : )

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I must have these boots!!!!! Shoe-gasm, lol *wink*

Do you want a pair? Click here to get them if you want to add to your sexy : )

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sorry for the hiatus...

For a while there, I was doing well with keeping up a steady flow of blog posts. Lately, however, I've been kind of 'laxed in adding content to my blog. Shame on me...but I hope to change that soon. Classes have been keeping me quite occupied, and I really want to keep a GPA of 3.5 or higher (last quarter I had a 4.0 (YAY!)). Grad school is no joke, so if I want to do well, I gotta let some things slide and unfortunately that means my blog (frown). I'm working on better time management because I know I can fit everything in to my daily life, so hopefully next week will bring about change!

Friday, April 10, 2009

When will it stop...

Just read about the death (or murder) of Bernard Monroe. A 73 year old black man, who was in his yard with family when he was killed by a police officer. Apparently, the police thought that Monroe's son had committed a crime and chased the man to his father's home. According to the article, the son was chased into the house and then back out into the yard. Monroe went over to the police officer who had just tasered his son; as he went toward the police officer, another officer shot Monroe dead. Of course, the officer says that the old man had a gun in his hand when he was walking toward the other officer. Witnesses are saying that Monroe had no gun in his hand and that the police planted a gun near the old man's body.

Of course, now there is even more racial tension in the small community of Homer, La. Apparently, the police chief in the community has allegedly made some comments that leads me to believe he may have ugly intentions. Citizens in the community say that young black men are being targeted as criminals. This seems to be a nationwide epidemic.

Read more about this story by clicking here.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Change "The Game" Campaign

Let the CW know that they can't cancel The Game! We can't lose another TV show! Join the campaign!

Thanks and much love!

Makes you feel warm and fuzzy : )

A friend sent this to me via email (Thanks Gabby!)...

"This is the most powerful photo in the series. Remember they are not supposed to shake hands, but the two brothers couldn't resist the historic moment. The black royal cop never imagined in his wildest dream that he would usher a black American president into the British corridors of power. Nice."

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Shooting in Pittsburg...3 dead...what's going on people?!

Yesterday, a fool lost his mind and killed 14 people in New York. Today, another fool decided to shoot 3 police officers in Pennsylvannia. Possible reason? According to those close to him, he was angry about losing his job and was worried that Obama was going to place a ban on guns. So he starts shooting...yeah, that would convince the President to say "You know what, there's no need for gun control..."

Click here to read the news story...

Friday, April 3, 2009

The O.G. (Original Goonette)

Okay, I'm sure that most of you have seen, or at least heard about, Plies and his so-called reality show called "Goonette". If you haven't, I'll give you a brief synopsis. According to Plies, a goonette is a strong, independant woman. She takes care of business and has overcome everything thrown at Beyonce and them, a goonette is a survivor! Well, anyway, the goonette selected for this reality show is a single mother. She's a woman who handles her business and makes sure that her children are provided for. In order to do this, she strips for a living. No big deal there, I suppose. But what makes this show so sad, aside from the title "Goonette", is that this woman is a midget. So for the most part, the woman will be made fun of, taken as some sort of joke. While the TLC channel has a show that focuses on the life of two midgets, "Little People, Big World", we get "Goonette". Suffice it to say, I will not watch this, if it is actually picked up by a network. In fact, I will definitely be one of the one to protest it, if only for it's sheer stupidity. As much as I hate to, here is the clip for "Goonette"...

I say all that to say this, there was a "Goonette" before today. Back in the 60's, the cartoon Popeye had a character named Alice the Goon. When I told my mom about Plies and his foolishness, she brought up this cartoon character she remembered from her childhood. So I thought I would share this with others, you know, just to make you laugh in case you didn't laugh at Plies and "Goonette". If you have never seen this before, let me introduce you to Alice the Goon...

What do you think about this "Goonette" foolishness?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

An interesting buy...a two-for-one deal!'s an article I received in an email from Daily Candy ( It is quite the invention and who doesn't love buying something that can be used for more than one thing *wink*

April 1, 2009

Cut a Rug

The Tinge Razor/Vibrator

double your pleasure!

Have you ever been in the shower, shaving your legs, when you started to get turned on? Didn’t you wish that trusty razor of yours could satisfy more sensual needs?

Now it can with the Tinge, the first (and, we’re pretty sure, only) razor-slash-vibrator! Yes. Really.

The Tinge may look like an ordinary shaver, but just throw on the cap and voila — party time! Finally, you can remove unwanted stubble and get off with a single device.

But wait, there’s more: The Tinge has a whopping 32 different speed/mode combinations for your pleasure, and it’s water resistant, so you can get freaky in the bathtub.

That’s not all. The gadget comes with two blade cartridges and a bottle of pleasure gel — all for the low price of just $99.

Act now, and they’ll throw in a free butt plug-slash-tweezer.

Available online at For more information, click here.

P.S. We are not responsible for snags or tears in your wizard’s sleeve.
P.P.S. Just kidding about the butt plug tweezers.