Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Doing What We Can

I'm one of those people who believe that we, as in Americans, should focus our attention on the way things are done here in America. That's not to say that I don't believe we shouldn't help other countries; I just think that we should handle our own business first and then venture out into the conflicts of other countries. That said, I would love to see more done for women's rights. Violence is one such area of women's rights that should be dealt with quickly. There is a website that allows the viewer to send a letter to U.S. House and Senate representatives; this letter urges your representatives to support the International Violence Against Women Act. You can also visit the website for Amnesty International USA to find out what more you can do for the cause. Please visit these websites and tell your friends about them as well.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


This has been a crazy year but, in the grand scheme of things, I can't complain. I haven't lost any family members or friends; everyone is alive and well. I'm still employed and I have a roof over my head...all my basic needs are covered and I even have a few of my wants covered. So no, I don't have a reason to complain and I will continue to be very grateful for my life. Are you a person who complains a lot? If so, take a moment to really think about all the good in your life; take a moment to be grateful...that's what everyone should do daily, but most especially at this time of year. Everyone have a great holiday and enjoy the time you spend with your loved ones...

Much Love,


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yeah baby!!!!!

Today has started out to be such a great day! The first great thing that happened today is Snack Day! People at work make such yummy snacks; so I don't have to worry about buying anything for lunch because I can snack for most of the day! Now the other great thing, truly the most important thing, I was accepted into the Human Resources Development online master's program at Drexel University!!!! This is such a great way to start my day! I'm so excited about this; I can't wait to gain knowledge, at least more in-depth knowledge, about human resources. I feel like I'm on my way to my dream career!!! Just thought I'd share my good news with whoever reads this...thanks for being such a great listener...lol!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Video Hilarious Jamie Foxx Imitates Terrence Howard! His Album Went Plastic

Thought I would share the hilarious-ness (yeah, I know, that's not a word, lol)...Jamie Foxx is too funny and I would have been in the studio rolling on the floor, with tears in my eyes from laughing so hard...I love Terrence Howard, but Jaime was on the nose with this imitation, lol....

Newsworthy....by association?

Okay, apparently the mother of Bristol Palin's boyfriend was arrested due to drug charges...six counts, mind you. Here's my issue with this, and I'm sure I'm not alone, why is this newsworthy? If Palin had become VP (thank God she didn't) perhaps this would be worth something, but she lost! Anyway, for those who are just now coming from out isolation, Bristol Palin is Sarah Palin's daughter, but does that mean that anyone who gets into trouble and is associated with that family (no matter how far removed) has to be concerned with being in the news? I mean, if Willow Palin's classmate's mother's cousin get into some kind of trouble with the law, does that mean it will be news? I'm just a little curious...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another WTF Moment...

People are so stooooopid!!! Click here and check this out...


WARNING...This contains adult language...Viewer discretion is advised....


Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I remember my mom telling me how much the story of Adam Walsh, the son of John Walsh (host of America's Most Wanted), bothered her. In 1981, 6-year old Adam Walsh went missing from a store, and after about two weeks of searching the child's head was found. Apparently they are finally announcing a suspect, 27 years later, and the suspect is Ottis Toole. This man, if one can call him that, confessed and recanted twice, and died back in 1996! I know there is a point to announcing him as a suspect, but being named a suspect doesn't automatically mean you're guilty of the crime, right? How much justice can the Walsh family get from this? Closure, I suppose, but it seems too little too late. Regardless, my thoughts and prayers go out to the Walsh family.

Monday, December 15, 2008

IT'S COLD!!!!!

I have to gripe right now...I know that companies are focused on saving money, especially at times like this, but heat is not one of the things that they should cut corners with. OMG!!! You would think that a sick employee would cost the company more money then would a slightly higher heating bill, right? I am going to end the year being sick, because the company wants to keep it's employees working in an icebox! Am I wrong in my thinking? I'm at work going through hot cocoa like a fiend, because I want to stay warm; I already dress in layers, but damn...how many sweaters do I need to wear? I'm thick enough already...there's no sense in me walking around the building looking like an abominable snow-chick, when all they need to do is turn up the heat a little! An uncomfortable employee is an unhappy one and every company should aspire to having happy, satisfied employees. Heat is not asking for too much...

Really?! With Seth and Amy

Hilarious clip about Gov. Blagojevich... I love what they say about his hair, lol...I mean, really?! LMAO!!!

Shoe Thrown at President Bush in Iraq

This is just too funny...it was rude, yes, but too funny....

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Go to the most spectacular event of 2009...for free?

How wonderful is Earl W. Stafford and his family? Pretty freaking wonderful!!!! Click here!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail Trailer # 2 (2009) LATEST TRAILER HD

I am definitely one of those people who loves movies trailers! I'm looking forward to a few new releases next year; one of those is Madea Goes to Jail. I just saw a new trailer on Yahoo and thought that I should share it with others...

Crazy Bastard.....

I just read an article on the NY Daily News website concerning the stabbing of a 16 year old boy for...get this....laying his book bag on some guy's BMW....WTF! This fool was willing to kill someone. a kid, no less, for putting a book bag on his car? According to the article this crazy SOB is on the run...I hope the police get this guy off the streets...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My 1st foray into the blogosphere...

Nights like this always make feel reflective...you know, nights when the sky has a few clouds and the sky is illuminated by the moon? If it wasn't cold outside, I would definitely sit on the porch and stare at the sky...I find it comforting. Instead I'll probably go for a drive and think about things. Foremost on my mind at the moment is grad school. I submitted my application the other day for admittance...I'm not worried or anything like that; I'm just thinking about how this can affect my life. I have a pretty active imagination, so when I think about starting on this path to my dream career, human resources, I really like what I see in my mind's eye. I know that HR is a difficult career, having to deal with so many personalities and regulations, but I look forward to the challenge.

Other things that I have on my mind include the coming new year. It really came up fast; I can't believe 2009 starts in three 3 weeks! I no longer make crazy resolutions, like find love. Or drop some pounds. Or quit some of my vices. I just try to go with the flow now...if anything, I think that is the lesson I've learned for 2008. My stress levels have dropped since I decided to stop worrying so much about life's road blocks. I truly realized that worrying does nothing, it solves nothing, so what's the point. It's wasted energy...energy that I could devote to so many other things. This is something I will carry with me into the coming years, hopefully. I say hopefully because no one is guaranteed the next second...so I can't waste time stressing and worrying.