Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dedicated to the end of a decade...

Yesterday on Twitter, I suggested that "Bag Lady" by Erykah Badu is a song of this decade. It is actually a song of a lifetime. While the song speaks mainly to the ladies, I think that the message of the song relates to everyone, men and women alike. We are at the end of a decade. We're coming up on 2010 folks and it makes sense to leave the baggage that you've been carrying behind. It hinders you; fears, bad relationships, vices that are controlling your life, you, we, have to leave it behind. Go into this new decade free of burdens. Like the song says: Let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Methodical Throwback

I was watching Fuse off and on last night; they were airing Michael Jackson Takeover, which showed many of his videos and snippets of different celebrities talking about what MJ meant to them and music in general. In light of that, I just wanted to post one of my favorite videos. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

My thoughts on Robin Thicke's cd "Sex Therapy: The Experience"

When I heard that one of my favorite singers was coming out with a CD this year, I was extremely excited. Robin Thicke is one who could sing the phone book and have you in love. I just knew that I would be buy this CD on the release date, especially after hearing the title single "Sex Therapy". However, I began to hesitate when I heard there would be a bunch of guest appearances on this one. Jay-Z, Kid Cudi, Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, Estelle, Jazmine Sullivan and Game; I'm not a serious fan of any those listed, so featuring them was not about to make me spend my money.

The cd starts off okay, I suppose, with "Mrs. Sexy". The song has a nice little beat to it and it led into "Sex Therapy", my grown & sexy song, nicely. At that point I expected it to pick up. When I heard "Meiple" featuring Jay-Z, I was underwhelmed. After listening to it several times, it grew on me; it's still not my favorite, but I no longer have my face screwed up while listening to it. I forgot about "Make U Love Me"; I had to listening to it again in order to remember to include it in this post. So I guess that says more than an actual comment on this song *smile*. "It's In the Mornin'", featuring Snoop Dogg, is a real nice laid back song, so I think that one is a winner (even though I think Snoop needs to go sit down somewhere). "Shakin' It For Daddy" featuring Nicki Minaj kind of threw me for a loop, not necessarily for a good one either. I love the beat and can definitely see it being a great workout song, but it just seems wrong for a Robin Thicke cd *shrug*.

"Elevatas" featuring Kid Cudi has an interesting sound. I do not dislike it but it also wouldn't make my list of favorite songs, on this CD or in general. There is one part of the song where I thought that J. Timberlake made a unlisted guest appearance and I thought to myself "NO! Robin please stay sounding like yourself!" Not that I dislike Justin, I'm a fan of his as well, but I want these two to keep their sounds separate from each other, if that makes sense. Moving along to, and past, "Rollacoasta" featuring Estelle. The chorus has this 70s sound to it, at least I think it's the 70s; once I heard something about "strobe-lights" I figured that must have been the sound they were going for. This song failed to strike any chords withing me, so I could take it or leave it. Actually scratch that, I could leave it. "Million Dollar Baby", featuring Jazmine Sullivan, is one that I enjoy, but then I love Marvin Gaye, so the "Trouble Man" sample was a winner in my book. "2 Luv Birds. Next! "I Got U" and "Jus Right" are two good ones with nice beats that make you want to grab someone and dance. That said, the last bit of the CD is fairly "blah" to me. The phrase that comes to mind when I think of something to sum up my feelings on this one is "Quality vs Quantity"; there were plenty of songs, but there were plenty that I could have done without.

Maybe my gripe with this cd is that I think certain people need to have a bunch of other singers and rappers featured on their albums, but Thicke isn't one of them. I think that if you are talented, you can carry an entire album on your own. Past albums have proven, to me, that Thicke is more than capable. "Sex Therapy: The Experience" did not have that Robin Thicke feel to it. It sounded like an average R&B album, nothing too special about it. I wanted to see him in concert again and was planning to do so in January when he performs in Chicago, but there really isn't much on this latest album that I want to hear him perform live. That saddens me because I am a huge fan of his music. All that said, it's an okay album, but the only reason I "might" buy this one is due to the fact that I have a slight case of OCD when it comes to having complete sets of things. This means that since I have "A Beautiful World", "The Evolution of Robin Thicke", and "Something Else", I will probably feel the need to buy this to add to my set. So it has nothing to do with the music and everything to do with my disorder.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Are they just now beginning to suspect foul play in the Mitrice Richardson case?

According to the L.A. Times, the sheriff's department has decided to start a homicide investigation for Mitrice Richardson. In case you are not familiar with this story, Mitrice was at a restaurant and unable to pay for her meal. Apparently, Mitrice was talking and behaving oddly; people at the restaurant thought she may have had some mental issues. Her grandmother was called and she offered to pay for the bill, but didn't have access to a fax machine. The couldn't accept her card payment over the phone. So, the police were called and she was arrested. The police department claims she showed no signs of drunkenness or mental issues, so they released her.

This young woman disappeared after being released from the Malibu police department in mid-September. The police claim that they had no reason to hold her at the station because she did not show any signs of being drunk or being mentally incapacitated. Now it turns out she may have had some sort of breakdown, so how is it that the police saw no reason to hold her, at least until a family member could come to the station and take her home? Mind you, she had no car (it was miles away, at the restaurant where everything started), no money, and no cell phone. Instead of dropping her off at home or simply taking her back to her car, the police department let her walk off into the night. Now she's missing. The sheriff says that they do not believe she is dead, but by starting a homicide investigation, more resources can be used to find her.

Wouldn't it have made more sense to use more resources months ago? Leads that could have been discovered back in October may be long gone! I hope that is not the case, but I'm upset at the fact that her strange disappearance did not seem to warrant a massive media blitz. I know, the story was featured on CNN Headline news, but I haven't seen or heard much else about her disappearance since October. I pray they find Mitrice and that she is able to go home to her family.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Today is my Blogoversary!!!

And I didn't even realize it! LOL! I thank all the people who have visited and commented on this blog. Sharing your thoughts and opinions on different topics I've posted. It is greatly appreciated! I hope you, and others, continue to visit and post comments. I love to interact with you!

There are many things that I want to do regarding my blog presence...I'm learning and growing, soon I will carve out a niche for myself. But of course, this blog is my first and I will always cherish it. Happy Blogoversary to me = )

Thursday, December 3, 2009

It is easier to love a stranger than it is to love someone you know...

I'm a Twitter fiend. I'm on the website most days because the people I interact with bring up great topics and since I am somewhat of a "people watcher" (not in a creepy sense, lol), Twitter is the place for me. I like to listen to the views of others, especially those that challenge me to really think about my own views. That said, last week one of my "tweeps", @twendsetter54, asked a good question. That question was: "How can you really love somebody you don't know?" I had to think about this for a moment, because my first thought was "As a Christian, I am supposed to love everyone, which of course includes strangers." But I do not think that is the complete truth, there has to be more to it than that.

It is easier to love a stranger because they are just that, a stranger. You do not know their flaws, their little idiosyncrasies, the things that really make, or break, all relationships. Ignorance of who a person really is blinds you and makes it easy to profess your love of said person. This is not necessarily a bad thing (this started to sound negative), but it is a superficial love. The real work happens when you've seen the smudges, the stains and love a person in spite of the blemishes. It can be difficult because many of us want perfection immediately and that is unrealistic.

So now I ask you, how can you love someone you don't know?