Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Follow-Up: An Arrest Made for the shooting of Oscar Grant

According to Black Voices, Johannes Mehserle, former BART police officer, has been arrest for shooting Oscar Grant. In case you were unaware, due to the lack of media coverage, Oscar Grant was a 22 year old black man who was shot while handcuffed and face-down on the ground. The shooting occurred on New Year's Eve in Oakland, California at a BART station. Hopefully this is the beginning of justice for this young man and his family. Click here to read the full article.


  1. This is such an absolute shame. It took them long enough to make an arrest...I wonder what excuse they were trying to cook up to not arrest him.

    Nice wallpaper!

  2. Hi Shelia,

    I felt so sick when I saw the video clip of the shooting. I was so ticked off because there was hardly, if any, national coverage on this story. I would tell people about this and they would say that they hadn't seen or heard anything about the shooting of Oscar Grant. And the officer that shot Mr. Grant knew he was wrong, otherwise he wouldn't have went into hiding. I just hope that the family gets justice for the murder of this young man.

    P.S. Thanks about the wallpaper! I got it from!

  3. It's just a shame and thank God they got the cop responsible for this murder, yes murder. what pain this family must be going through, this Officer (and I say that with such sarcasm) should never see the light of day! He's no better than murderers he's supposed to be keeping the public safe from!

  4. It was most definitely murder and if, or when, this goes to trial, the officer should be charged as such...