Friday, March 13, 2009

A case of extreme selfishness?

There are some governors out there that plan to reject some of the stimulus money designated for their states; Rick Perry (of TX), Bobby Jindal (of LA), and Haley Barbour (of MS) are among those governors. The governor of South Carolina has plans to reject a large portion of the stimulus money that would be coming to the state, more than $700 million, according to the AP. The governor sees our nation's situation as a hole that we need to dig ourselves out of. That part makes some sense; what doesn't make sense is his rejection of the money that could be extremely helpful to the state of South Carolina. The moeny he wants to reject would go to education and unemployment benefits, something that would be beneficial to the large population of unemployed SC citizens. If he does reject this money, what does he hope to accomplish? The money would go elsewhere, right? So the "hole" he refers to would still exist AND he will have pissed of many citizens, voters. I don't see this as a smart move for him. Perhaps he will win some allies in strong consesrvatives, but he will lose the support of the people...the same people from whom I'm sure he wants votes if he runs for President in 2012. Perhaps this is something for him to think about?

*Shrugs* I could be wrong...

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