Friday, April 10, 2009

When will it stop...

Just read about the death (or murder) of Bernard Monroe. A 73 year old black man, who was in his yard with family when he was killed by a police officer. Apparently, the police thought that Monroe's son had committed a crime and chased the man to his father's home. According to the article, the son was chased into the house and then back out into the yard. Monroe went over to the police officer who had just tasered his son; as he went toward the police officer, another officer shot Monroe dead. Of course, the officer says that the old man had a gun in his hand when he was walking toward the other officer. Witnesses are saying that Monroe had no gun in his hand and that the police planted a gun near the old man's body.

Of course, now there is even more racial tension in the small community of Homer, La. Apparently, the police chief in the community has allegedly made some comments that leads me to believe he may have ugly intentions. Citizens in the community say that young black men are being targeted as criminals. This seems to be a nationwide epidemic.

Read more about this story by clicking here.

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