Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Operation Product Tester: Sephora Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss

Last Friday, I went on a day excursion to The Galleria in St. Louis for my birthday. While there I stopped at the Sephora Store and did some browsing, while waiting for Terminator Salvation to start. As I was walking the aisles, trying different products out, I remembered that I am a VIP Beauty Insider and was eligible for a free birthday gift. I rushed to the cashier counter and told the lady the deal and received not only my birthday gift, but a rousing "Happy Birthday!!!!" from her and several other Sephora consultants = ) My free gift was a three pack of mini Sephora Brilliant Shine Lip Glosses (a spectacular gift for me, a person who is a gloss junkie, lol!). I was exhausted once I got home from my trip and this weekend was relax mode for me, so I didn't try on the glosses until last night. You can see my before and after photos below:

This is my before pic; I prepped my lips with a great lip sugar and mint scrub to slough of dead skin

This is Bronzed Beauty

This is Rosy Glow

This is Precious Pink

While I love all three, my favorite is Bronzed Beauty! All three glosses have a sweet, candy scent; I licked my lips expecting a sweet taste to go with the smell, but no such luck. This may not be a bad thing, to me it means that the glosses won't interfere with food and drink. It doesn't hold up to a lot of activity, so you will have to reapply. However at $10 a tube, I think its worth the money for all the shine you get. I will definitely purchase this in the future!

All products used in this testing can be found on the Sephora website; click here!

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