Monday, September 28, 2009



After clicking on a link via Twitter, I saw this video and felt angry, sick, tired, and outdone all at once. What in the world is wrong with our youth? Why the hell are they so angry? Yes, I know life is difficult and sometimes it is hard to simply get up out of bed because the obstacles seem too high to get over. But a difficult life is no excuse for MURDER! You know what, and I don't care who I offend when I say this...I don't give a motherf@#k about how hard your life is...excuse after excuse...there is no excuse for what was done to Derrion Albert. THOSE SOB'S KILLED THAT CHILD!!! AND AS MUCH AS THAT ANGERS ME, WHAT ANGERS ME MORE IS THE FACT THAT ADULTS WERE THERE!!! WHY STAND BACK AND WATCH THIS UNFOLD!!!! WHAT? JUST SO YOU COULD RECORD IT? GROWN FOLKS, WHEN WE SEE THIS STUFF HAPPEN, WE HAVE TO STOP IT! DON'T SIT BACK AND SCREAM AND WATCH...DON'T BE PASSIVE! THEN WANNA SCREAM "WE WANT JUSTICE!" WHAT IS THAT ABOUT?!?! WE CAN'T LOOK FOR OTHER FOLKS TO GET OUR KIDS UNDER CONTROL!!! IT PISSES ME OFF THAT THOSE KIDS KILLED THAT CHILD BUT IT PISSES ME OFF EVEN MORE THAT ADULTS, GROWN FOLKS, DID NOTHING BUT SCREAM! CHARGE EACH ONE OF THOSE UNREASONABLY ANGRY SOB'S WITH MURDER! THROW THE EFF'N BOOK AT THEM AND BUST THEM UPSIDE THEIR HEADS WITH BOARDS! NO SYMPATHY! NO EXCUSES! I'M TIRED OF IT...SO EFF'N TIRED...


  1. This totally gave me the chills. Like you I was sickened, but I was also frightened. Here in L.A. crap like this goes on too much and likewise all across our nation. There is a real lack of respect from a lot of youth today. It partially an upbringing thing. But I primarily blame a lot of it on the legal system and organizations like ACLU. I mean I believe in human rights but when it comes to rights for criminals and gangster I think there is a real imbalance in favor of the bad guys. And a lot of the glorification of the life of wrongdoing coming from pop culture, especially a lot of the rappers and others doesn't do anything to set a good example for impressionable youth. Somebody needs to go back to drawing some lines and enforcing some discipline.


  2. It is definitely scary to see kids lose their minds like that. We all have a part in the way the youth behave today. We have to reverse the affects of the system and pop culture. We have to reach not only the kids, but the parents as well. My brother and sister are at impressionable ages, but it begins at home, which is why they are not out in the streets acting a fool. If parents would take control of their children, part of the battle would be won right there...

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