Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ashamed...yep, I sure am...


I cannot believe it has been so long since I last posted on my blog. So neglectful...I'm truly saddened by this. I missed sharing my views on the things going on in the world and my life in general. This graduate school stuff is time consuming! I just got through midterms and I'm praying for the best; can't get anything lower than a 'B'. That said, no excuses because I find time to Twitter (you already know this if you follow me there, lol). The thing is, Twitter is so quick and easy to do; I can post a random thought and go on about my business. Blogging takes some time and you have to put serious thought to the topics one decides to post. In any event, I'm getting organized and I am coming out of this hiatus because I really want to take my blogging seriously. So, starting today, I will post more often!

Thanks for bearing with me, folks!


  1. Good to hear your voice even if just saying "hi". I was wondering where you'd been. I may be a twit sometimes, but I'm just not a twitterer so I never hear from anybody in twitterland. Good luck with all of your school work-- that's the main thing right now.

  2. Thanks arlee!

    Been drowning in a sea of textbooks and papers! Glad to be able to resurface...

    LOL @ "twit" =)

  3. I think Twitter can be an enemy of blogging. I have to purposely NOT say things that would make for better blog posts.

  4. Hi Ronnica,

    You are definitely right about that; sometimes I kick myself for not keeping my mouth shut (or fingers still, in this case). That said, there are times were Twitter can help with finding topics to blog about. Especially if you follow news accounts and other informative accounts. It has pluses and minuses, as most things do.

    Thanks for commenting and be sure to comeback =)