Thursday, April 8, 2010

Blogging from A to Z...F for Fusion...

I was sitting here thinking of a topic I could use for this post; several words came to mind. I narrowed it down to "forgotten" and "fusion". While I find both interesting, I decided on "fusion" because this is a topic is much lighter than what I would have said had I used "forgotten". Anyway, I was on Twitter and someone was talking about something called afro fusion. I was intrigued and broke into the conversation (because that's what you do on Twitter, lol). Apparently there is this process, afro fusion, that will feed my 'Fro envy. Mu hair is currently loc'd up but I've been considering chopping them off in at least a year; they're getting so long, almost to the point of annoying me. When I do the big chop, I'll have a small afro but I want something major. This is where the fusion process would come in, taking me from here:

To here, in a minimal amount of time:

I'm really going to have to schedule some time to go to Atlanta and visit The Damn Salon (I love the name)!


  1. haha, there's nothing like a good therputic day at the hairdressers!

  2. It's difficult to have an opinion on this-- probably personal preference of what looks best on you. I like the short hair look in the first pic, but probably because I can see the woman's face. The second style probably would look good as well-- I have seen women wearing that style.

    The style trend that I thought began getting bizarre were the perfectly sculpted afro's of the 70s I guess it was. I guess the comedy of that culminated in that scene in one of the Naked Gun movies where O.J. had the huge Afro that wouldn't fit through the door.

    But as far your situation, a beautiful woman is gonna look pretty good no matter how she has her hair and you'll be doing it for you. It's fun to change it up now and then.

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  3. What a difference. I wonder how they do that??? Hope you find time to have a wonderful spa day. Great post.

  4. Hi all! Thanks for visiting and commenting! I'll be sure to visit your blogs as well! Also, whenever I actually take that step and chop off my hair, I'll definitely post pics (before and after) and blog about my experience =)