Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dewy's 24-Hour Read-A-Thon...Read 1 book, in 24 hours?

I think this is something I can accomplish and since I have a ton of books, stacked up and waiting for me to give them attention, I decided to participate in this challenge. I will blog my progress throughout the day, to keep me on schedule and also to take a break from reading. The book I've chosen is "The Company We Keep" by Mary Monroe and it is 280 pages long. I should be able to finish it in the allotted time. Here's a brief description of the book from
New York Times bestselling author Mary Monroe-s extraordinary novel celebrates life, love, and the power of sisterhood-proving that friends, like fine wine, only get better with age...
Gorgeous, successful executive Teri Stewart spends her days working for L.A.'s hottest record company--and her nights all alone. Her best friend Nicole is determined to find Teri a man, but she hasn-t had much luck...because Teri wants more than Mr. Maybe. She's holding out for Mr. Right and won't settle for anything less. Just when Teri is ready to give up, a man from her past returns to reignite their romance. With his sultry smile and easy-going charm, radio DJ Harrison Starr is one-of-a kind-and Teri can-t deny she's fallen hard for him again.

With her life finally falling into place, Teri thinks her dreams might come true after all. But Harrison may have a secret that could change everything.
To find out more about Dewy's Read-A-Thon, click here! Wish me luck!


  1. sounds like a good one to get involved in. have a happy readathon.

  2. HI!!!

    I'm one of your cheerleaders...GO TEAM WORDSWORTH!!! I just want to wish you luck with your read-a-thon adventure and have tons of fun. I can't wait to read more of your postings!!!

    HAPPY Readings!!!
    *shakes pom poms in the air*

  3. Hope you're enjoying your reading!

  4. Seems interesting! I hope you have lots of fun on read-a-thon! Best of luck! :D

  5. Good luck! I hope you are enjoying your reading!

  6. Looks like you are making great headway
    Keep up the reading, don’t let that head sway
    Eyes on the page and coffee in hand
    You’ll be entering a new land.


  7. Hi everyone! Thanks so much for showing support! I hope you're all having a great time with the Read-A-Thon!