Monday, December 15, 2008

IT'S COLD!!!!!

I have to gripe right now...I know that companies are focused on saving money, especially at times like this, but heat is not one of the things that they should cut corners with. OMG!!! You would think that a sick employee would cost the company more money then would a slightly higher heating bill, right? I am going to end the year being sick, because the company wants to keep it's employees working in an icebox! Am I wrong in my thinking? I'm at work going through hot cocoa like a fiend, because I want to stay warm; I already dress in layers, but many sweaters do I need to wear? I'm thick enough already...there's no sense in me walking around the building looking like an abominable snow-chick, when all they need to do is turn up the heat a little! An uncomfortable employee is an unhappy one and every company should aspire to having happy, satisfied employees. Heat is not asking for too much...

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