Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a day....

I feel like I'm going to burst as I sit here at work, watching the inauguration of Barack Obama. I know I'm going to cry because I think about the fact that my grandmother and grandfather passed away before he could witness this moment. I cry because I think of all the people who are no longer here to see this day. This is soooo amazing to me (I know I'm not alone in this feeling). I just want to ride this feeling for as long as I can. I wish I was in that crowd today because I know it would be that much more intense. All those people standing out there today; all those people there with one purpose...celebrating change and optimism. How anyone find fault with this time in our history, I just don't understand. I can tell you one thing...no one is going to kick me from my section of Cloud Nine....lol, the naysayers might as well join the rest of us!

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