Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another WTF moment...

Okay, I shouldn't even give this topic any attention, but I need to get this out of my system...I turned to Shade 45 radio yesterday afternoon and caught part of a conversation between the show host and a caller. Apparently Rude Jude (the host) does not trust politicians (of course this includes Obama). I can't fault him for not trusting politicians...that's his personal trust issue to deal with. I do, however, find fault with what some callers were saying about Obama being the first African-American president. One caller, a black man, said that he was tired of hearing Obama being called the first African-American president. According to this caller, Obama doesn't know or understand the "black experience" in America because he (Obama) isn't African-American. This guy said that Obama's ancestors weren't slaves, so how could he understand the struggle? I'm summarizing here, but that's the gist of what the caller was saying. The host agreed with the caller. I do not. The way I see it, if Barack Obama walked down the street and encountered a racist cop, for example, he would be seen as a black man. There would be no distinction made between whether or not his ancestors were apart of the struggle. Also, how do we know that his ancestors were not slaves? So his father was African and his mother was white...that doesn't mean that slaves are no where in his paternal or maternal ancestry.I'm willing to listen to dissenting opinions because they make people think and sometimes broaden minds. I know everyone can't agree on everything, nor should they. I think that yesterday was such a positive, optimistic day and it upset me that people were focused on something as small as this. Am I wrong in my thinking?

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