Monday, January 5, 2009

What a world we live in....

I sit here at my computer with tears in my eyes because of the story I just read on A, a male creature....killed his 2 year old son because he owed $4,000 in back child support. Question...What is the world coming to? Answer...The end. That has to be it! The world has become so disgusting, so incredibly sickening. I mean, why didn't this creature simply take his own life? Why the baby? You know what, forget taking any life; why not just get a job or get more than one job? There are plenty of people who work several jobs in order to make ends meet so what was the deal with this fool? Now, he gets to go to prison... instead of simply paying to support the life he helped create. I just do not understand. My heart goes out to the mother of that poor child and to those who truly loved the little boy...


  1. OMG, that is horrible!!!!

    Best believe, he will get prison, and in his next lifetime.