Thursday, February 26, 2009

T.I. a spokesperson for Atlanta Crimestoppers?

Some people have a problem with T.I. doing a PSA for Atlanta Crimestoppers (click here to read article), but I'm not sure I really understand why. I'm listening to Shade 45 Morning Show and people have voiced their opinions; some think T.I. is going against the whole "Stop Snitching" campaign that criminals have brainwashed neighborhoods into believing. The way I see it, T.I. is changing, regadless of his community service. Looking at the person he was when he first came out and comparing that person to the one we see today, I think what he is doing is real grown man of him.

This whole Stop Snitching thing is some of the stupidest mess I've ever seen. If you do something to hurt the people in your community, someone should shine a light on your mess. When I was in Philly a few weekends ago, during a discussion, my favorite author, L.A. Banks, said something that makes so much since. She said that everyone's dirt is going to be brought out into the open. If you're doing something you know is wrong, you should realize that it will be found out. In terms of "Stop Snitching", I can't stand it when I hear about folks witnessing the murder of someone, especially a young person, and refuse to say anything to the police because they don't want to be a "snitch". There is a difference between being a snitch and simply doing what's right. As adults, we should really be beyond that whole childhood tattle-tale crap.

But back to T.I., he is ever-changing, like most people. I think this PSA, even if it was a condition of his community service sentence, is a great thing. Kids look up to him, he is very influential and I totally respect him for stepping out and doing something for his community. To those who say he is being a snitch...please grow up...

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