Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A short rant....

People, in case you don't know...walking up to people and touching their hair is rude. I'm at work, sitting at my desk, laughing at something and one of the managers comes into the office to give something to her assistant. Before exiting the office, she walks over, starts touching my hair and says "I just have to touch your hair! It looks so soft!" I laughed and asked "Do ya?" I'm like, do you really HAVE to touch my hair? "Can I touch your hair?" would have been the better way to approach me...I just don't understand it! Unless you are my man, you need to ask me permission before playing around in my hair. What is this impulse some people have to just go up to people and lay hands on their hair! This must stop...it's rude and if you have that habit, then out of simple respect for another person's personal space, just ask first.


Rant over...leave a comment or continue with your day : )

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