Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oh really?!

I was listening to the Michael Baisden radio show this afternoon (very thankful that I can get this online, because my sucky town doesn't carry the show). Anyway, one part of the show was dedicated to the discussion of teens and sexuality. Baisden started off by talking to a pastor about a comment made by the current Pope, who says that condoms promote HIV/AIDS and promiscuity. Huh? Yeah, I know...WTF, right? Well, Michael totally disagrees with that statement, as most should, because condoms AND sex education are so important to stopping the spread of disease.

Well, as the show continued, Baisden asked that parents call in and talk about their hot-in-the-pants kids, lol; he specifically wanted to know whether or not any parents have walked into their homes and caught their child in the "act". One caller in particular caught my attention because of his feelings about finding his son with a young girl in his room getting it in. According to him, the girl was a skank because she didn't have enough respect for herself OR his home OR the fact that he and his wife were asleep in their room at the time. Okay, so he may have a point; I mean, it is pretty trashy on the girl's part to be in doing the do with her boyfriend with his parents down the hall. However, the father placed all the blame and shame on the girl. Baisden asked the father what he said to his son and George Wilborn asked him if he thought his son was skanky or a ho. The father said that his son is definietly a ho, but here's the thing...he said it with a sense of pride in the fact that his son has really "done some thangs"!

Anyone thinking what I'm thinking? Can we say "DOUBLE STANDARD"? That girl didn't break into the house and throw his son down and just take the d*#@.... she had to have been invited into the home, into the bedroom. Therefore the boy deserves just as much of the blame and shame as the girl. Both of them should have had respect for themselves, the parents, and the home. Respect for self being the biggest part of the equation. They were saying that kids, who haven't even graduate from high school yet, are having as many as 20+ sex partners! How insane is that! Looking for love and affection, trying to find comfort in all the wrong places. We have to educate the children because the reality is that sex is a natural act and it happens. So why not give them the information they need to make informed choices?

Just food for thought....

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