Wednesday, May 6, 2009

If there is any justice in the world, this S.O.B. will be dealt with!!!!!

Crimes against children always, ALWAYS, hurt my soul...and piss me off! Babies are some of the most innocent beings on earth and I can't stand it when people harm them. Women we need to be cognizant of the type of men we allow to be around our children! This poor, little innocent baby boy had no way of defending, or protecting I type this, I cry and get more and more angry! Emanuel Wesley Murray was murdered by his mother's ex-boyfriend, Richard A. McTear Jr., a man who disliked the child from the beginning. This S.O.B. beat the mother and then picked up a car seat, which the baby was still in, and threw it across the room. The baby fell out of the seat and hit the floor. The mother run out of the apartment for help, and this monster runs off with the baby. While driving along the interstate, this MONSTER throws the baby out of the car!!!! RICHARD A. McTEAR JR. DESERVES TO DIE!!!!! I read an article about a woman being sentenced to death by firing squad, in another company, for drug trafficking. THIS MOFO DESERVES A SENTENCE NO LESS THAN THAT!!!. Now, forgive me, I'm mad at the mother too... if this punk was a danger to the baby, she should have taken the baby somewhere else; you know, found someone who would be willing to keep the baby until this nutcase was out of the picture completely. As soon as the S.O.B. showed that he didn't like the baby, he needed to be out of the equation. That said, I pray for the mother and the family of innocent little Emanuel.

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  1. Wow! My prayers go out to the mother and family as well. Karma and God are real, so this guy WILL get exactly what his behavior calls for, trust in that!!! Unfortunately, many times, women put their children at risk while in the midst of chaotic relationships, and that has GOT to change.