Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I wanna be loved....

I said it
I wanna be loved
And another thing
I want to love back

I'm not a selfish woman
I have every intention
of loving a man
as strongly
as he loves

That is what Lauryn said, right?
That is what I'm looking for
what I'm craving
and aching for

Closed mouths
don't get fed, so
no fear of
rejection here
Vocalization is

I said
I want to be loved
I want to love back

There is nothing
selfish about
a woman who
has every intention
of loving a man
as strongly
as he loves

Okay, you may be asking yourself: what brought this about? I enjoy writing; it is said that one can find catharsis in writing. I needed to purge. I've been feeling, lately, that I'm missing out on something major. Music does something to me; I love it so much. In me, it brings about realization. That said, I've been listening to this song by Jeff Bradshaw (feat. Glen Lewis) called Beyond the Stars. It is beautiful; the music and words do something to me. So I decided to really open up here and share something deeper about my self. That's not to say that what I post on this blog is meaningless. What ever I say on here means a lot to me, but I realize that most of what I post deals with my external concerns. I want to dig and deal with some internal things as well. This was my first attempt; hope you understand and possibly enjoyed. Below is the YouTube video for my inspiration:


  1. Beautiful song. Thank you for sharing. Peace. Love. Light.

  2. What a beautiful post! I think a lot of women feel this way but are afraid to express it. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Thanks ladies = )I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm working on expressing myself more. One step at a time; that's the great thing about the blog-o-sphere. I can put myself, my thoughts, and feelings out there for scrutiny and, hopefully, develop a thicker skin and apply it to life in general.