Thursday, June 25, 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson...The King of Pop

What a day this has been...

Michael Jackson, a man whom I've been a fan of it seems all my life, passed away this afternoon. A true's difficult to find the words to describe what I'm feeling right now. Earlier today, when I read that he had been taken to the hospital due to a cardiac arrest. I was thinking that he would be okay; no way would this man be taken away from the world, not yet at least. Then, via Twitter, I started to see folks saying that he passed away. Still, I could not believe it! He had to make his comeback, give a middle finger to all the haters out there who said he didn't have what it takes anymore. While I wouldn't have been able to attend one of the concerts in London, I knew that there would be footage or some other way that I could experience THE CONCERT OF THE CENTURY!

So no matter what was said, I refused to believe that Michael was gone. I sat at work, tissue in hand, tears in my eyes trying not to break down as I read all the news websites and listened as radio stations made the claim that he was indeed gone. Feeling numb, I left work, listened to the radio so I wouldn't miss anything. Got home, watched the news and began to cry when they said the LA Times announced his death. Cried even more when CNN started playing a clip from a TV show when Michael was performing "I Want You Back" as one of The Jackson 5. Cried off and on, for awhile as I watched all the coverage and the music clips. Reminisced about my childhood, listening to my parents Off The Wall and Thriller albums (for real vinyl records on my record player, lol). Music that would have me laughing, singing my heart out one moment and crying like a baby because he was so vulnerable and I could feel what he was feeling. Mind you, I'm 7 or 8 at the time, but I knew what he was feeling and you couldn't tell me otherwise.

What were your fave MJ moments? I remember when a Michael Jackson video was an EVENT!!! And if you missed the world premiere of the video, you should have felt shame. I would be on the phone with friends, talking about how cool this "Black or White" and "Remember the Time" was. The first time I saw "Smooth Criminal" and the entire Moonwalker movie...Michael Jackson is apart of many memories in my life...I'm going to miss him so much...getting teary eyed again....

Really, what were your favorite Michael Jackson moments?

Thinking about this makes me feel something like what John Mayer was saying on Twitter...I feel like a piece of my childhood is gone. Not trying to be dramatic or anything, but this truly hurt my soul.


  1. beautifully written girl!! i feel where you are comin from in every aspect. Its the next day and its really unreal. Yes, we knew he would die, everyone does, but at the same time, I mean its so sudden and the greatest icon in history is gone. Even in death he united a world even for a moment. Thats amazing. I find it crazy too that you posted about him on the 29th of May!! great blog

  2. I have so many Michael Moments of mine that it don't even make SENSE.

    Me and my lil cousin used to play Michael and Janet as children. We'd do all Michael's moves from the Jackson 5 on and then do everything from Rhthmn nation to Alright. I ain't even gonna get into the times I got yelled messing up my Hardwood floor in the house trying to Moonwalk and me bustin' my ass tryna do the Smooth Criminal Lean.

    Personal Life aside, Michael's Music (Hell, ALL the Jacksons music) got me through some tough times. I was a fan when it wasn't "cool" to be a Michael fan..but now, everybody from the Dope boys to the Preps is repppin' Michael HARD that he's dead. It's a shame they couldn't do that when he was alive.

  3. I got a text telling me what had happened. I don't have cable, so I got on my laptop and started watching CNN.

    Its still really hard to believe that he is actually gone. I grew up listening to him.

  4. @mizzeboni

    Thanks so much...when I heard that he was gone, I thought about my earlier "Smooth Criminal" post and felt even worse. Realizing that I will never get the chance to see him perform kinda takes my breath away...I checked out your blog by the way, and I'm feeling it. Gotta start following it = )


    Its an absolute shame that he didn't get to see all this love while he was still alive. Its so important to show it to folks while there still here, not after they're gone...

    @I'm Shakin'

    TVOne was showing his music videos last night and I was still sitting there, watching them, and thinking "I can't believe he's not here anymore..." I've never been hit hard like this, at least not with the death of a celebrity. I guess it's because from the time I could walk, shoot even before then, his music was apart of my life. It just hurts...