Thursday, October 8, 2009

Seriously? Seriously NASA?

Why must we, human beings, blow things up? Cause destruction? In the name of science? Apparently destroying Earth is no longer enough; now scientists are "bombing" the Moon! "Why?" you ask.Well, our planet is in dire need of water, so....oh? What? We aren't in need of water? Well, NASA will crash a spacecraft into the moon tomorrow morning (10/9). According to this article (click here to read), they are interested in water ice that may be in the moon craters. This has to be one of the stupidest waste of resources! Not to mention causing an explosion on the moon just seems wrong, dangerous even. While I worry about the future of my people, I also worry about the future of all human beings...some things need to be left alone.


  1. Those people (and you know which ones I'm talking about) know nothing other than destruction. They have perfected the art of destruction and won't be happy until they annihilate everything...humanity included. God save us telling what repercussions we'll face behind this moon bombing.

  2. So true BeingStill! They keep going up there messing with stuff and something is bound to happen. I just wish I could understand what this impulse to destroy is about. Common sense is truly lacking in "those people"...

  3. agreed to both of ya'll... there is a saying for "those people" and it goes like this: "they" come to kill, steal and DISTROY!