Wednesday, April 1, 2009

An interesting buy...a two-for-one deal!'s an article I received in an email from Daily Candy ( It is quite the invention and who doesn't love buying something that can be used for more than one thing *wink*

April 1, 2009

Cut a Rug

The Tinge Razor/Vibrator

double your pleasure!

Have you ever been in the shower, shaving your legs, when you started to get turned on? Didn’t you wish that trusty razor of yours could satisfy more sensual needs?

Now it can with the Tinge, the first (and, we’re pretty sure, only) razor-slash-vibrator! Yes. Really.

The Tinge may look like an ordinary shaver, but just throw on the cap and voila — party time! Finally, you can remove unwanted stubble and get off with a single device.

But wait, there’s more: The Tinge has a whopping 32 different speed/mode combinations for your pleasure, and it’s water resistant, so you can get freaky in the bathtub.

That’s not all. The gadget comes with two blade cartridges and a bottle of pleasure gel — all for the low price of just $99.

Act now, and they’ll throw in a free butt plug-slash-tweezer.

Available online at For more information, click here.

P.S. We are not responsible for snags or tears in your wizard’s sleeve.
P.P.S. Just kidding about the butt plug tweezers.


  1. LMAO!! Girl, you know now I done seen it all!!

  2. There's so many different and crazy things out there...I don't think we'll ever see it all, lol : )