Friday, April 3, 2009

The O.G. (Original Goonette)

Okay, I'm sure that most of you have seen, or at least heard about, Plies and his so-called reality show called "Goonette". If you haven't, I'll give you a brief synopsis. According to Plies, a goonette is a strong, independant woman. She takes care of business and has overcome everything thrown at Beyonce and them, a goonette is a survivor! Well, anyway, the goonette selected for this reality show is a single mother. She's a woman who handles her business and makes sure that her children are provided for. In order to do this, she strips for a living. No big deal there, I suppose. But what makes this show so sad, aside from the title "Goonette", is that this woman is a midget. So for the most part, the woman will be made fun of, taken as some sort of joke. While the TLC channel has a show that focuses on the life of two midgets, "Little People, Big World", we get "Goonette". Suffice it to say, I will not watch this, if it is actually picked up by a network. In fact, I will definitely be one of the one to protest it, if only for it's sheer stupidity. As much as I hate to, here is the clip for "Goonette"...

I say all that to say this, there was a "Goonette" before today. Back in the 60's, the cartoon Popeye had a character named Alice the Goon. When I told my mom about Plies and his foolishness, she brought up this cartoon character she remembered from her childhood. So I thought I would share this with others, you know, just to make you laugh in case you didn't laugh at Plies and "Goonette". If you have never seen this before, let me introduce you to Alice the Goon...

What do you think about this "Goonette" foolishness?


  1. So after three attempt I am finally able to leave a comment. That ad before is kinda crazy. Anyway, I totally agree with you that the whole Goonette thing is bizarre. However, I could appreciate that the woman featured is a hard working woman who is using her "dis ability" to the best of her ability. Because I am without sin, I will not cast a stone. Her children seemed well taken care of and I hope they never find out what she does for a living and that she has a huge savings. I wish they could find a better/nicer name for black women. We always seem to get sh%^ on. Nice blog. I'll be back.

  2. Hi Adiaha! Sorry that you had trouble leavinga comment; you're the second person to say this. I gotta figure out what's going on.

    I too can appreciate the fact that this woman is working hard to take care of herself and her family. I guess my complaint is that Plies may be exploiting her. It's difficult for me to take this show seriously because of that foolish show name. Why is it that he couldn't use some other word to describe a strong, independant woman? Goonette?! Really?! You are so right, we definitely get the short and crappy end of the stick. But most times we allow it...

    Thanks for visiting! I look forward to hearing from you again : )

  3. Not to judge her or put her down, but why do we need this on tv? We really need to see some positivity coming out of black shows to show our younger generation that there is more to life than shaking ass you know. For those who do that, it's fine, it's what they do. But can we see a strong black woman use something other than her ass-ets PLEASE!

  4. Hey LeeLee,

    That's a great point! I don't understand why when it comes to our people, we only get to see this type of depiction on TV; we are a multi-faceted people, like everyone else. We, and others, deserve to see all sides to our culture...This is sad. I never liked Plies in the first place...and now I can't stand him...